What’s more fun than self-designing your home interiors? Lighting plays a huge role in creating the theme of your home. Whether you want to keep it elegant and more modern, or you want to go the old school way chandeliers are a part of every household. They can be as sophisticated as 1 bulb pendant lamp or as big as multi-layered crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

Explore premium quality chandeliers at Sofary and play with their designs, mix colours and shade effects to create your own bubble chandelier. They are affordable and offer many options for customization.

Self-designing chandeliers – tips and tricks

Glass bubbles are the most demanded and versatile of all designs as they can fit perfectly with various degrees of flexibility. Style it your way and you can change your casual setting to a more artistic ambience. Let’s see how you can theme up a bubble chandelier for different settings of your home:

  1. Coastal:
  • Organic shapes with hand blown bubbles work with coastal vibes.
  • You can choose the number of bubbles to make it a mini fixture or a branching chandelier as per the size of your room.
  • Complement this with wooden furniture, organic baskets, and white walls to complete the look.
  1. Eclectic:
  • This gives you more flexibility to play with.
  • Use different colours and textures to make more of customized artistic ambience.
  • Pair up with book shelves, wall art, and personalized frames to get a chic look.
  1. Elegant and modern:
  • Neutral colours and geometric designs work best with a more clean and uncluttered modern home.
  • Giving a monochromatic touch to your chandelier will make up for a statement piece.
  • Use low and wooden furniture and minimum accessories to complement this look.

Tips on cleaning of glass bubble fixtures

  • Install your bubble chandelier without removing the bubble wrap to ensure it won’t break during the installation.
  • Arrange and give the bubbles a shape as per your liking and gently remove the bubble wrap before you turn it on.
  • Turn off the chandelier and let it cool before you do the regular cleaning.
  • First wipe the glass with gloves to gently remove the dust.
  • Use a microfiber cloth soaked with a solvent free cleaner to get them sparkling clean.
  • For a rusted brass finish, you only need to remove the dust layer time and again.
  • For a shiny brass finish, you will need a non-abrasive polish and may be a new wax layer.
  • Nickel is an easy to maintain material and be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or any mild detergent.
  • Metal coated with powder is very durable and can be easily cleaned with mild soap and warm water.

Yes! You have successfully fabricated the design and gave the chandelier your own style. This is not the end of your journey though. You must install it carefully and clean it regular by following all the instructions to keep its look stunning for years to come.

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