Whenever you are applying for any kind of loan, your lender will always be interested to know whether you are a safe candidate to offer loan, so that he can get back his money along with the interest. If he finds that your financial standing is not up to the mark, then he can always refuse your loan.

Nowadays, since most of the loan applications are processed online and hence most lenders will like to verify all your details electronically. You can sign up for LoanPig and provide all the details that are asked by them in their online application and apply now for your loan.

By applying for any kind of loans from Loan Pig, you can get lots of benefits that you may not find anywhere else. Whenever you are applying for any kind of loan then you have to provide following documents to prove your eligibility for the loan.

  • Your credit report

Your credit report plays a very big role while applying for any kind of loan. To get maximum chances of approval of your loan, it is essential that you must have good credit report. In case your credit report is not so good, then there are few ways you can make improvement in your credit report too.

You can always check your current credit report from few agencies present in the UK like:

  • Equifax
  • TransUnion
  • Experian

You may check your own credit report and ensure there is no mistakes present in your report.

  • Your ID proof

In order to ascertain your identity, every lender has certain list of specific documents that they would like to check and only accept those documents, as your valid ID proof. Usually, following are few list of documents are needed in order to prove your ID:

  • Your driving licence
  • Your passport
  • Armed forces of UK identity card
  • Your biometric residence permit


  • Your address proof

Every lender will provide you list of documents that they will accept, but normally following documents are accepted as address proof:

  • Your driving licence
  • HMRC tax notification
  • Benefits entitlement letter
  • Your recent utility bill
  • Tax bill of local authority for current year
  • Your recent bank statement or credit union statement
  • Your latest tenancy agreement that is issued by solicitor, local council or housing association
  • Your proof of income

Mostly various credit reference agencies may easily verify your income, with the help of your current turnover. However, in certain rare cases your lender may still ask you to supply any of the following:

  • Bank statements
  • Pay slips
  • Those who are self-employed, then you have to submit your tax returns for last 2 years or any other relevant documents to prove your income.
  • Any other financial info as needed

Few lenders may be interested to get further information about your income and also about your expenses such as:

  • Any kind of documents to prove your extra sources of income
  • Estimation of your present expenses

In case, you are dealing with any lender for the first time, then he may not have any information in his record. In that case he may also ask many other extra info too.

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