More and more people are showing interest in CBD products these days due to their numerous benefits. Besides, you can read some great reviews online about CBD. However, many are not sure as to which one to take – Marijuana CBD or hemp CBD? Hemp CBD is generally safe to use, while CBD from Marijuana may show some serious side-effects. Moreover, using Marijuana CBD is illegal. In fact, there are certain laws in place about its usage. Many countries have banned the usage of Marijuana CBD looking at their serious side-effects.

Marijuana CBD can cause a severe damage to your body nerves. It can also cause some serious effects on your brain functioning as well. Your brain may become dead when you use this regularly at a high dosage. Hence, it is a strict ‘no’ for using Marijuana CBD in most of the countries.

Marijuana CBD actually contains very high level of THC, which can make you feel very high. On the other hand, hemp CBD contains very less THC content, which is very negligible. It is also popular for its anti-inflammatory properties. This is the reason why most of the people generally choose hemp CBD gummies to experience its various benefits.

Can I buy hemp CBD without a medical prescription?

No, you should show your doctor’s medical prescription to buy any hemp CBD products. However, this law can vary from country to country. Remember that, buying them without a medical prescription is considered illegal in many countries. Hence, it is extremely important to check your state laws before you plan to buy these products. If it is low dose CBD oil you may get it over the counter without a doctor’s prescription as per the new law.

Where can I find the best CBD products?

Though we have ‘n’ numbers of stores online, which sell a huge variety of CBD products, and many of them are not trustworthy. Most of the sellers use low quality hemp for extracting CBD to make enough profits. Hence, you have to think twice before making your purchase from any store.  One example for the best quality CBD products is Just CBD. This brand uses top quality hemp for extracting CBD.

Moreover, all their products contain negligible amount of THC. And, this is the reason why it is the first choice for many people living in US. It might be quite surprising to hear this, but some thousands of people use CBD products from Just CBD every single day. Do check their site online to buy bulk CBD at a good price.

How CBD dosage is calculated?

Most of the doctors recommend certain dosage taking several things into consideration like age, height, weight, health condition and gender. For example, as the female body cannot tolerate high dosage, they generally recommend low dosage for women. However, they can increase this dosage slowly by consulting their doctor. Remember that, using high dosage without consulting a doctor can be very risky. Hence, you should only stick to the dosage prescribed by your physician or doctor.

It’s time to buy your favorite CBD product now from online to experience its great benefits!


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