Agrochemicals are certain chemical agents that are used on farms for improving the nutrients in the soil or crops. They boost crop growth by eliminating pests. They are used in all farming sectors, including horticulture, poultry, crop shifting, dairy farming, commercial planting, and so on.

Pesticides, insecticides, natural herbicides, fungicide chemicals, and natural nematicides are all examples of agrochemicals. Synthetic fertilisers, hormones, or some other chemical growth agents, and also raw animal manure concentrates, may also be present. Agrochemicals increase the quantity and quality of agricultural products.

Bisley Chemicals has had a long and fruitful relationship with the different Australian fertilizer industries, focusing on trace elements and also specialised raw materials.

The constant goal of the company throughout has been to provide high-quality products from world-class manufacturers, backed up by full technical attestation.

Bisley has access to a wide range of different key raw materials, and also emerging fertiliser suppliers and technologies, thanks to their long experience and also having a long-term association with producers in the global fertiliser field. This innovation is a very significant feature of the service of Bisley.

The following are the 6 key traits that agrochemical companies must look for while choosing any development partner.

Diverse and broad formulation expertise

Analytical chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry, chemical engineering, and also material science are just a few of the skills required for agrochemical formulation. Look for any partner who can provide services across the entire development life cycle, from characterization to invention to testing.

Good track record of innovations

The agrochemical formulation industries are rapidly evolving. You require a suitable formulation partner who is up to date on the latest trends and understands how to apply different new methods and technologies to solve difficult problems.

They must also invest in original research continuously, creating new intellectual property, which can also be licensed or leveraged by their clients and partners.

Independent, unbiased answers

Look for a certain partner who has the following attributes:

  1. Operates in a certain unique space in any agrochemical formulation industry.
  2. Preferably an independent, and non-profit research institution.
  3. Can develop or source the best ingredients for all your formulation without any supplier bias
  4. Can help you to understand exactly what is available in your blend to help you to make informed choices.

Industry and regulatory experiences

You require a research partner who is familiar with the industry and will always be there to support you for the long haul. Few contract research organisations have very limited agrochemical industry experience and may not even understand client needs or any regulatory requirements.

Project management and also operational excellence

To stay ahead of your competition, meet the expectation of regulators, and gain market share in a competitive market, it is critical for keeping development both on time and budget. To keep development on track, you need a partner who can work within your business processes and timelines.

Turnkey development solutions

Many laboratories only offer a few services, e.g., safety testing or formulation development. Contracting with multiple laboratories for various aspects of development is difficult to manage and slows down development.

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